Tuesday, February 10, 2009


"The greatest gift a parent can give a child during all the ups and downs of life is love. By Doc Childre"

There will always be ups and downs in marriage but that doesn't mean that these ups and downs has to hinder your love for your children.

As a new parent, it's really tough being away from family. When Grant and I started our life together we chose to reside in Hilton Head because this is where we met. Not only we like the beach and weather but we both work in hospitality. I would have never met Grant if not for Hospitality. I have always dreamed of getting an exceptional experience in the U.S. and bring the experience home to improve our small bakery/store in the Philippines. So, I applied for an internship in the U.S..........to make the long story short............... I met Grant....got married.....been married close to six years..........had a baby in Aug. '08.......and realized how important our families to us. Everyday, I always dreamed of having my parents, grandparents and other family member so close to us. I want my daughter to grow up like I did. I always remember how we close everyone is.....literally too. I think about my grandfather making us coffee every morning, afternoon and in the evening. How sweet. I remember all the casual gatherings we have every evening after everyone is done working. Drinking coffee or soda.....chatting and laughing just about everything. I missed eating dinner with my grand parents and parents. Men it's been seven long years since I've seen them.

I just wish DD can grow up knowing her grandparents and family in the Philippines. Same thing for her grandparents in KS. Or, maybe, I should say...I wish DD's grandparents and family in the Philippines can see her grow up.

It's not about me or Grant anymore. It's about DD. It's about our family. I know that we will have to move near Grant's parents. Grant and I want DD to at least get to know her g.parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I know we can still do it. I'm glad that Grant and I came up with this realization this early.

We just wanted to give DD as much love as we can. How about you what is your realization lately?

DD is short for Dear Daughter

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