Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Publix trip

Chix leg quarters
Pork Steak
Ground chuck
Sirloin Tip steak
Bottom Round steak
4 box Jolly time popcorn (free)
1-8 oz block of Kraft cheese
1-24 slices of Kraft cheese
Keebler crackers
1 lb Serrano ham
red radish
3 bags of P. Salad
1 bag of Golden delicious apples
3 loaves of P. bread
2 nursey water
1 velveeta cheese
1 gal of milk
8 jars of beechnut baby food (17 cents ea.)
1 container Similac Advance baby formula ($12.50)

Total B4 Qs: $90.93
Qs tendered: $33.78
Total after Qs, sales & tax: $57.15

Sunday paper $1.50

This week's total: $58.65

Met my goal of spending less than $60 this week. My best deals are in red.

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