Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grocery trip this week!

I've been to four grocery stores in two days and spent close to $40. I went to Harris Teeter and BiLo on Sunday and got a lot of staples. At Harris Teeter they tripled the value of my coupons up to .99 cents. They also had fresh, boneless chicken breast on sale for B1G2. Some of the items were almost free after coupons. Here is a summary of what I bought at Harris Teeter.

(1)Idaho Mashed Potato
(1)Gillette Body Wash
(1)French's Mustard
(1)Worcestershire Sauce
(3)Wacky Mac Pasta
(1)Near East Couscous
(1)Harris Teeter Liver
(3)Perdue Chicken Breast
1)HT Garden Salad
3 lb. Yellow onions
2 lb. Carrots
(1) 8 oz Cheddar cheese
2.5 dozen eggs
(1)16 oz Coffee-mate
(1)Gwaltney hotdog

Total before coupons: $75.34
Coupon used: $46.10
Total after coupon: $29.77 after tax


The highlight of my trip at Publix was the Fresh Express Salad. I bought two bags of Spinach Salad. One for me and one for the neighbor. It was $2.69/bag but I ended up paying $1.38 for both after coupon. Publix honors competitor's coupons. So, I used Food Lion's get $2 off when you buy $5 produce plus Publix had a store coupon of $2. Hence, got both bags for $1.38. Here's the summary of my grocery list.

(2bags) Fresh Express Salad
3 boxes of Frozen Green Gian Vegetables
(1 pint) Grape tomatoes
(1 box) Beech Nut Rice Cereal (getting ready to feeding Olivia solid...maybe at six months)

Total Before Coupons: $13.92
Coupon used: $6.10
Total after Coupons: $7.93 after tax


About two or three weeks ago, I transferred my prescription from CVS to Walgreens. After giving birth, I continued to take my prenatal vitamins since I'm still nursing my daughter. I found this coupon from Walgreens that if you transfer a prescription they give you a $25 gift card. I realized I have nothing to lose but will gain something back...So, I did. Below are items I purchased or I'll say they paid me to have.

(6- 8oz) Hunts T. Sauce
(1-20 ft.) Reynolds Aluminum Foil (ended up getting it for free after coupon)
1 gallon of Milk

Total B4 Coupons: $9.70
Coupon Used: $4.60
Total After Coupons and tax: $5.10

This ended up being free after using the gift card they gave me when I transferred my prescription. I still have $1.17 remaining on it.


I found an internet printable coupon for Johnson's Baby products. It's for $2...I printed two. That's the most number you can print. Olivia is running out of body wash and lotion. So, here's what I got from CVS.

(1) J&J Body wash
(1) J&J Body Lotion

Both were on sale for $2.99 each = $5.98
I used 2 ($2 coupon)= $4
Total after coupon and tax = $2.40

I think I did pretty good this week. Next week though I'll need to stock up with meats, rice, veggies and fruits. I think I'll challenge myself to spend maybe between $50-$60 this week for groceries and $25 for both formula and diapers. We'll see.

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