Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bi-Lo Trip for $1.55

I decided to walk to Bi-Lo which is just a two-minute walk from where I live. I got two things there: A shampoo and a hand soap (which we really need). I only brought my coupons, some change and the list of course. I was only suppose to spend at least 60 cents but it ended up being $1.55. Before that, the cashier told me my total was $4.50 and I didn't have the money with me. I told her it was on sale. So she called the manager and checked the price from the shelf. I was suppose to get the handsoap for 0.99 cents before coupons but charged me for $1.19. I just let it go because I still got a good deal. Here is what I did.

Infusiom Shampoo
Reg.Price $6.37
Close Out Sale $3.39
Used Coupon $3.00
Total: 0.39 cents

Soft Soap Handsoap
Reg.Price $1.19
Used Coupon 0.35 cents
Total: 0.84 cents

Total before Coupons: $7.56
Total Price for both: $1.23 + 0.32 tax = $1.55

I thought they would double my .35 cents coupon but they didn't. It's funny that the handsoap turned out to be more than the shampoo.

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